Department of reproductive biology:
The department is in the process of being approved in the governing board . With future developments and postgraduate admissions, it will be possible to develop basic sciences related to reproductive medicine and its combination with infertility treatments to find viable solutions for problems in the area of infertility and reproductive biology.
Department of reproductive biology has 11 faculty members.
Department's facilities:
To achieve its purposes, the department takes advantage of central laboratory, embryonic stem cell land other laboratories. The biology lab is also under construction.
The department's main research areas:
- Differentiation of gametes  from stem cells
- Teratology 
- Gamete related disorders
- Advanced techniques in infertility
- Endometrial culture in uterine and molecular factors involved in reproduction
- Biochemistry of reproduction
- Adhesion molecules and oxidative stress in reproduction
- Reproductive immunology
- Immunology ofinfertility
- The role of the immune system in recurrent miscarriage
- Immunology preeclampsia
- Studies of placenta and sperm proteomics
- Perinatology
- Endocrinology, metabolism and osteoporosis
- Prenatal genetic diagnosis
- IVM and oocyte molecular structures
- Reproductive physiology
- Reproductive genetics
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