Department of neuroscience
The neuroscience department and major which had been approved by Iranian Higher Education Development Council started admission of PhD students in February 2013. The students are trained in different aspects of nervous system such as the anatomy, embryology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology , pathology and the related interdiscciplinary science of brain and nervous system. Graduates will be able to apply their comprehensive understanding to recognize and analyze the relationship between the brain structure and function with different behaviors.
The department of neuroscience has 10 faculty members.
Department's facilities:
To carry out research related to neuroscience, the department takes advantage of central laboratory , laboratories of other departments as well as neural stem cell research facilities.
The department's main research areas include:
- Neuropsychopharmacology at different cellular, molecular , system and behavior  al levels
- Neural stem cells
- Stroke
- Genetic basis of neurological disorders
- Clinical research on spinal cord injuries, disk analysis, and segments
- Clinical psychological and behavioral disorders
- Neuroanatomy
- Biochemical basis of CNS disorders
- Brain Surgery
- Neurophysiology
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