Department of molecular medicine
Department of molecular medicine had been approved by The Iranian Higher Education Development Council and started admission of PhD students since January 2013. The primary mission is to provide education and research opportunities  to investigatediseases and Their cause at molecular level. Training PhD students will lead to qualitative and quantitative improvement of research and the graduates can solve health and treatment problems in the area of ​​molecular medicine.
Currently, the department of molecular medicine has 12 faculty members.
Department's facilities
To carry out its research activities, the department takes advantage of the central laboratory, collaborating research facilitiesand advanced sciences laboratory.
The department's main research areas:
- Molecular mycology
- Genetic basis of monogenic disorders
- Molecular basis of cancer
- Pharmacology and molecular toxicology
- Molecular parasitology
- Molecular basis of immune disorders
- Cancerimmunology and immunotherapy
- Cellular pathology
- Molecular virology
- Molecular basis of protein aggregation in neural disorders
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