Department of medical nanotechnology
The nanotechnology major had been approved by Iranian Higher Education Development Council and started admission of M.Sc. students in July 2013. In addition to advances in modern medical sciences in the last century, a newer medicine has emerged which is a combination of different sciences and depends on instruments and technology. Treatment,diagnosis, and prevention of diseases are being further possible through nanotechnology. Thus, medical nanotechnology is expected to  make a dramatic changes  in The future of  medical sciences.
Currently, the department of medical nanotechnology has 5 faculty members.
Department's facilities
To carry out its research activities, the department takes advantage of the central laboratory collaborating research facilities and nanotechnology laboratory.
The department's main research areas:
- Preparation of MRI contrast agents via nanotechnology
- Production of sensors and bio-sensors based on nanostructured materials
- New methods for the synthesis of drug carriers via nanotechnology
- Designing biological materials are for stabilizing proteins
- The effects of ligands`medicines`chemicals and natural elements on protein glycation and formation of amyloids
- Using nanotechnology in radiation protection
- Using nanotechnology in producing radiation protectors
- Cancer treatment through nanotechnology
- Industrial nanotechnology
- Production of fluorescent nanomaterials
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