Department of medical biotechnology:
Biotechnology is the application of biology for optimizing environment, human health and foods. The department started student admission since January 2011.The graduates of this major will be able to design and produce new bio-vaccines, diagnostic kits and recombinant antibodies in order to treat and study cancers.
Currently, the department of medical biotechnology has 10 faculty members.
 Department's Facilities:
To carry out research activities, the department takes advantage of central laboratory and the recombinant protein laboratory affiliated with related high-tech labs labs.
Currently, 10 PhD students are studying in the department.
The main research areas of the departmentinclude:
- Cancer Immunology
- Stem Cell and Cancer Biology
- Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
- Medicinal Plants
- Parasite Immunology
- Cancer Genetic and Epigenetic
- Mechanisms of Drug Resistance
- Single chain antibody
- Molecular Virology
- Bio-markers for diagnosing infectious diseases and cancers
- Production of recombinant proteins
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