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The School of Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies

With the purpose of achieving cutting-edge technological knowledge, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences decided to establish the school of advanced medical sciences and technologies four years ago. To this end, first the school started working in virtual mode. Beginning in July 2011, the school entered a new phase in its operation with establishing a temporary office and then moved to the new building. This school enrolls students in M.Sc. and PhD programs. Toward its mission, the school takes advantage of experienced professors from other schools taking into account the nature of programs. For the first time, the school of advanced medical sciences and technologies accepted PhD students in medical biotechnology through Ministry of Health and Medical Education examination and has accepted students in medical biotechnology at PhD level and at Master's degree in medical nanotechnology. Given the approval of molecular medicine and neuroscience disciplines, the school has  admitted  PhD admissions in student in these majors as of  February 2014.
Given the interdisciplinary nature of the educational programs, currently 58 faculty members with diverse expertise from other schools and research centers are closely collaborating with this school. The school of advanced medical sciences and technologies has five full-time faculty members in the following departments:

- Department of Medical Biotechnology
- Department of Neuroscience
- Department of Reproductive Biology
- Department of Medical Nanotechnology
- Department of Molecular Medicine
- Department of Tissue Engineering
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